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"Voices" by Paul Taken

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Paul Taken on the streets near Playhouse SquarePaul has been keeping me busy!  He recorded his song "Voices" a while back and I can remember when I filmed the "Pick Up The Phone" video that he mentioned doing a video for Voices.  I listened to the song back then and loved the haunted theme, but wasn't exactly sure how we'd represent this in a video.  It clearly needed something more than just a studio shoot.

Yoga Strong Barre Fly Studios in downtown Cleveland
He came to me with his ideas this winter and I loved it!  Paul pulled some strings with his friends at the Yoga Strong studios in Cleveland and we took advantage of a beautiful December evening on the streets of downtown.  

Paul was looking for a dark video to convey the feeling of the song. Oddly enough, the streets were mostly empty that night, which worked out perfectly for us.  Nothing brings out all of the voices in your head like a lonely walk.  The street lights around Playhouse Square helped to make the perfect backdrop.  

Within the downtown Yoga Strong Barre Fly Studio, we set up in the hot yoga room.  What an amazing transition from being out in the cold, windy streets, to feeling the heat inside!  As we shot, the storyline for the video took shape.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

For more music, visit and be sure to visit Paul Taken on Facebook for information about upcoming shows!

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Lonesome Road by Paul Taken

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The amazing new music video for Paul Taken's original song "Lonesome Road"
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